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Nansin Dollies - Superior Quality

Nansin dollies are preferred over competitor dollies because they are well made, handle ample weight, are light weight, and glide across floors - very quietly.   
Nansin dollies are ideal for most any business or home application.  Goods can be moved with ease and without excess noise.  Because of the extremely quiet operation, these dollies work well in clinics, hospitals, libraries, schools and other noise sensitive applications.  Because of their easy movement, Nansin dollies are perfect for warehouses, rental  companies, restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. 
These are the features that set Nansin dollies apart from other dollies:
Structural Engineering:
  • Holds heavy weight without damage; up to 330 lbs. for small platforms & 660 lbs. for large
  • Sturdy light weight construction
  • Steel foldable handle or built in brake
  • Optional foot brake

SilentMaster® Caster Technology:

  • Excellent maneuverability; Fully enclosed bearings
  • Superior rolling start resistance; Can move heavier loads with less effort
  • Very quiet movement; Ideal for all environments
  • Non-marking wheels
Contact us at TCF Sales at 512-201-4443 or 877-777-6982 to learn more about Nansin dollies, or order online at


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