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TCF Sales offers a variety of chocolate molding machines and several chocolate depositing machines.

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Dedy Chocolate Molding Machine (30 kg)
Price: US$8,000.00
DEDY Mini Molding Machine (23 kg)
Price: US$4,800.00
Dedy Truffle Filling Device or Depositor, with 7 or 8 pistons
Price: US$5,300.00
fbm AURA Table Top Auto Tempering Machine
Price: US$7,000.00
fbm COMPATTA Automatic Continuous Tempering
Price: US$15,900.00
fbm COMPATTA Continuous Tempering and Enrober
Price: US$16,500.00
fbm MAESTRIA Tempering Enrobing Machine
Price: US$29,900.00
fbm PRIMA Automatic Continuous Tempering Machine
Price: US$8,700.00
fbm ProXima, Continuous Tempering with Molding
Price: US$13,600.00
LCM Table Top Tempering Machine, with Pump (25 kg)
Price: US$5,100.00
Mold Loader; Automatically Feeds Molds through Enrober
Price: Please CALL!
Pneumatic Dosing and Depositor
Price: Please CALL!
TF20 Chocolate Melter Wheel, for Chocolate Moulding
Price: US$1,495.00
TF20 Chocolate Molding Machine (20 kg)
Price: US$2,950.00
Truffle Table: Motor driven rotating table for coating Truffles
Price: Please CALL!

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