TCF Sales - Full Range of Confectionery Equipment & Tools

TCF Sales provides equipment and tools to support the full range of Chocolatiers and Chocolate Makers from lower volume artisans to larger production semi-industrial producers.  TCF offers individual machines needed to melt, temper, enrobe or mold chocolate, as well as complete integrated systems to produce at higher volumes.  We partner with high quality manufacturers in Europe to import and support machines to meet a wide range of confectionery and chocolate making requirements.

TCF Sales has been importing confectionery equipment for over 10 years. Early on, the importance of providing timely support for installation, operational repairs and education became apparent.  We have grown immensely in this area and fully understand that there is always room for improvement.  In-house support is constantly being upgraded and our suppliers understand the importance of delivering quality products, and assist us if needed in supporting our Customers. Current day communication technology greatly expedites the trouble shooting process and having TCF technical personnel who are trained by the manufacturer has improved as well. Customer support and satisfaction is paramount to our success and it will continue to be our foremost business objective.

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