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Adopt a Cacao Tree

Adopt a Cacao Tree
8 March 2021

TCF Sales is excited to adopted a cacao tree from Puentespina Farms located in the Philippines, and will look forward to learning more about this small cacao farm that until recently was virtually unknown for producing some of the best cacao and chocolate in the world.

Puentespina Farms is located in the Malagos district, a small municipality in the foothills of Mt. Talomo, Barangay Baguio District, Davo City that is approximately 45 kilometers NW from the city center and sits right on the equator; an ideal location for growing cacao.

For years, the Philippines has contributed little to the world of fine chocolate but the Puentespina family of Malagos Agri-Ventures believed that a high quality chocolate could be produce from high quality cacao from their farm with proper processing. They invested in equipment to make tree-to-bar, single-origin premium chocolate. In 2018, their beans were recognized as one of the Best 50 Beans In The World, from 166 cacao bean submissions in 40 countries. In 2019,  the Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) Fund designated Puentespina Farms as their 16th heirloom cacao producer, earing them the title HCP Designee #16.

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to help support growth and prosperity of Heirloom designated cacao by adopting a cacao tree. Puentespina Farms is one of serval farmers with cacao trees for adoption. See this link to contact the HCP to adopt your own cacao tree and be part of the heirloom cacao preservation initiative.

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