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Small Batch Enrober

Small Batch Enrober
13 November 2023

For small batch production or space challenged workshops and labs, take a look at the Dedy Mini Enrober.

This low-profile table-top chocolate enrober holds up to 15 kg of chocolate and features a narrow 120 mm wide enrobing belt and a 1 meter take off table, plus blower and detailer, features typically only found on much larger enrobers. 

Place the Dedy Mini Enrober directly on your countertop or on a rolling cart to use or store when not in use.

Enrobe ganache and a wide variety of pastries, up to 5 cm high, with chocolate coating, fudge, sugar icing or glaze. Belt speed is adjustable, from 0.5 to 2 m per minute, and all enrobing functions are possible, total enrobing, bottom enrobing, and bottom and side enrobing, 

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the Dedy Mini Enrober is well insulated to minimize heat loss, and its fully electronic air circulation system with multiple thermostats controls the heating, in both standby and production mode, Its take-off table allows enrobed goods to set up on enrober paper. and separate motors for controlling the belt, blower and detailer are all integrated into the body of the enrober for a nice appearance and compact design.

Various options such as a truffle belt with additional heating, a vibrating table, and special enrober belt for ginger bread enrobing are also available. 

Contact TCF Sales for learn more about this high quality, German made, Dedy Mini Enrober.

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