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Local Chocolate Maker

Local Chocolate Maker
10 August 2021

Thank you to Tracey and Bob with Dripping Springs Chocolate Co. for the delicious hand-crafted chocolate. We always enjoy seeing you and appreciate sampling your bars, and look forward to seeing these in local stores and wineries on our next trip to your area! 

Dripping Springs Chocolate Co. was founded after a family trip to Nicaragua where they viewed the local proverty and need for jobs to strengthen their economy. After a lot of discussion, they decided to craft chocolate bars using ethically sourced cacao beans from the region.

Find rich craft chocolate bars with 65% cacao, plain or with a number of variations such as nibs, dried cherries, almond and sea salt, spice, etc., and for those customers desiring an even bolder flavor profile, a 75% cacao bar. Goods can be purchased online or in their store in Dripping Springs, TX and also at numerous local locations

 At TCF Sales, we understand the amount of work and knowledge required to make craft chocolate and scale for production, and we appreciate those in our area who are making a difference. We encourage you to buy Dripping Springs Chocolate Co. chocolate bars and experience fine chocolate at its best!

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