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Pneumatic Pressure System for DCM Melangers

Achieve maximum refining efficiency of your DCM melanger by adding a pneumatic pressure system at the time of purchase.

This melanger (melangeur) option provides constant and uniform stone pressure throughout the complete refining process which results in more uniform particle size, flavor, and texture across batches, plus reduces processing time up to 25% for greater utilization of your DCM melanger machine.

Traditional spring tension on DCM melanger stones decrease as the micron particle size decreases. This pressure system option applies consistent and even pressure throughout the entire batch regardless of the nib or nut size, allowing faster and more uniform processing and reduces premature wear on machine components.

The DCM pneumatic pressure system runs on a standard air compressor (not provided) or your shop's compressed air supply, and is factory installed by attaching to the main frame without interfering with product loading.

This device can also conch your chocolate by removing the pressure on the stones.


  • Requires a nominal operating pressure between 2 and 30 psi
  • Requires a standard air compressor with small storage tank to generate up to 100 psi in pressure
  • Air connection is a 1/4" female NPFT sleeve-lock socket connector attaching to a male connector on machine

NOTE: The DCM Rapid Refiner is built into the machine so only available for installation only at the time of purchase. 

Should you have questions, please contact TCF Sales and we will be happy to help you: 512-201-4443.

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