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DCM Refiner Information - Making Fine Chocolate and Nut or Seed Butters

Using innovative engineering, Diamond Custom Machines (DCM) manufacturers low-impact refiners, also called melangeurs, for making fine chocolate and nut and seed butters. Today, customers can select from a variety of DCM large capacity grinders in a variety of sizes, ranging from 35 lbs. to 200 lbs.  

Prior to manufacturing and during the design phase, DCM partnered with established artisan Chocolatiers and seed and nut butter producers to better understand what they look for in a refiner. Their responses were consistent: simple to operate, low in maintenance, cost effective, and backed by highly responsive customer service. With these aspects in mind, DCM designed a line of plug-and-play ready grinders that are now used world-wide. 

Simple is Best: DCM grinders incorporate an on-unit control panel for easy operations that eliminate set-up costs of a wall-mount system and potential future complications. Customers can easily operate the motor at variable speeds, and can adjust the machine's tension control. All models are on casters for easy movement and can be leveled if floors are uneven. And in the event of a problem, most issues can be fixed by local personnel with standard tools and just a little technical know-how.

Low Maintenance: Design features of DCM grinders include a direct-drive system and a fully sealed gearbox. For the layman, this means that there are no belts or chains to break, loosen, or have to replace, and the motor operates continually without risk of overheating or breakdown. 

Superior Reliability:  High quality materials and components are used for all large capacity DCM grinders. The millstones and slab are made of high quality natural granite and the motor and all electrical components are U.S. made and UL, CSA, and CE approved. All models incorporate an emergency stop button and a heat-sensitive switch for automatic shut-off in the event of overheating or large voltage fluctuations to prevent damage to the unit.

Best in Class Customer Service: DCM views their distributors and customers as partners, and happy to ensure the proper performance for their grinders. They are available by telephone, email or Skype and can provide how-to documents and tutorials.

TCF Sales is a DCM grinder / melanger distributor based in the Austin, TX area. Call 512-201-4443 to learn more or set up an appointment to visit. 

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