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LCM Chocolate Machines

LCM is well-known throughout the world for manufacturing chocolate machines that offer high reliability and productivity for confectionery customers. Chocolatiers and bakers can select from a variety of machinery within the LCM standard range or LCM is happy to custom tailor equipment to best meet their requirements. 

Located in the southern part of Germany near Lake Constance, LCM was founded in 2000 and continues to be owner-managed by the Leute brothers. In conjunction with their employees, they consider themselves a "team of visionaries and doers who design and manufacture the perfect machines for customer's chocolate products."

LCM chocolate machines can be flexibly expanded and are perceived by customers as a solution for the future. Both production time and the price of an LCM machine is viewed as an investment in their own productivity for many years to come.  

LCM tempering machines offer a unique method of chocolate tempering that results in a better and more consistent chocolate product. Chocolate is re-tempered at each pass, meaning that chocolate from the filing pipe flows back into the chocolate tank and is decrystalized and tempered again, and again, and again. So even after hours of use, your chocolate has excellent crystallization, viscosity and gloss, plus this guarantees the best storability of products. Overcrystallization of the coatings does not occur. Combine this tempering process with machine reliability, it's clear why LCM machines are well regarded and desired. Select chocolate coating machines with belt widths from 18 cm to 60 cm wide that can process 25 to 400 kg per hour. 

More recently, LCM has added a new LED touch panel that is easy to operate with temperature control management and customization, and chocolate changeover and cleaning is considered easy. Plus, when spare parts are needed, they are in stock and ready to ship; LCM's commitment to fast service support.

Give us a call at TCF Sales to learn more about LCM chocolate machines and to discuss your requirements: 512-201-4443.

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