SILFORM Square Tartlets, 2.37" x 2.37" Baking Molds

SF 1119

Silform® Square Tartlets non-stick baking molds. Perforated flexible molds eliminate pricking molds or filling with beans.


Silform® Square Tartlets flexible baking molds with 40 indents are specifically designed for producing fully and partially baked tartlets. Its perforated texture allows for perfect and uniform heat diffusion, resulting in crusty pastries every time. Non-stick. Easy to use.

SQUARE TARTLETS - Flexible Tartlet Baking Molds:

  • 2.37" x 2.37" (60 x 60 mm)
  • Depth: 0.56" (15 mm)
  • Vol. 1.35 oz. (40 ml)
  • 18" x 26" (400 x 600 mm) baking sheet
  • 40 indents per baking sheet

Simplify your tartlet making with these Square Tartlets baking molds. No need to prick your dough or line your pan with beans, etc. with Silform® for Tartlets.

Silform® conforms to all U.S. and North American regulations for silicone molds in contact with food. Completely non-stick. No greasing. Extremely flexible. Freeze or bake (-40° to 500° F). Stores easily. Easy to clean.

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