Specialty Cutter, For Butter or Lard

DR 182800

Guitar gutter for cutting large butter blocks or lard blocks, up to 50 lbs.


This guitar style butter and lard cutter cuts standard blocks (up to ~50 lbs.) into sheets. Butter or other food products can be cut for immediate use or refrigerated or frozen for use at a later time

This machine is ideal for puff pastry preparation and also for cutting blocks of grease, lard, etc. Its surface and everything that touches food is made of stainless steel. The wires are adjustable, allowing you to cut various thickness with a minimum cutting width of 3/4". The cutting area is 16" x 16" and the maximum height of blocks can be up to 25" tall.


  • Stainless steel cutter with weighted arm
  • Ideal for puff pastry preparation
  • Made for cutting blocks of butter, lard or similar
  • Cuts up to ~50 lb. blocks at one time
  • 4 wheels; 2 locking
  • Includes extra wire, screws and adjustment tools
This professional guitar cutter for butter and lard blocks sits on 4 moving wheels; 2 wheels lock into place (4 locking wheels, $60 extra). The cutting wire is adjustable and can be moved from left to right to obtain the cut of your choice. Rotate your food product as desired for multiple cuts. To use: Position your block of butter on the cutter base and slowly push the arm down to cut. Use your foot on the lower bar to apply more pressure as necessary.
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