Cake Cutter, Professional Sheet Cake Cutter


Save time and money with a professional Cake Cutter. Used for cutting sheet cakes or similar products with up to 76 cake cutting possibilities and 4 to 200 portions per cut, in just 10 seconds.


This professional cake cutter can precisely cut high volumes of sheet cakes and similar confections. Ideal for bakeries who benefit from fast and uniform cutting of cakes.


  • Dimensions of standard cutting base: 23 5/8" x 15 3/4" (600 mm x 400 mm)
  • Upper frame cuts from front to back
  • Lower frame cuts side to side
  • 76 cutting possibilities
  • 4-200 portions per each cut

This unique Cake Cutter has a standard base length of 23 5/8" (600 mm), and can be divided in 2-3-4-5-6-8-10-12-16 or 20 equal portions. The standard width is 15 3/4" (400 mm), and can be divided in 2-3-4-5-8 or 10 equal portions. Special dimensions can also be accommodated. Each cutter comes with 2 cutting frames, 1 back stopper, 1 pick up pan, and 1 baking frame. Additional frames can be ordered as desired.

The DR89 professional Cake Cutter is made to order. Please expect 4-6 weeks for delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: This cake cutter ships freight and pricing varies based on location shipped to. Please call for a firm quote. If you order online, we will obtain the best shipping quote and contact your prior to shipment for your approval. We can ship using your freight forwarder as desired as well.

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