Fbm 15 kg COMPATTA, Automatic Tempering, Moulding

Fbm 15 kg COMPATTA, Automatic Tempering, Moulding

New and Improved - Fbm COMPATTA 15 automatic continuous tempering and moulding machine with 15 kg chocolate tank capacity, vibrating table and dosing function, and optional enrobing belt.

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CodeCOMPATTA 15 Single Phase

New and improved COMPATTA 15 automatic tempering and moulding machine now comes with a larger 15 kg. chocolate tank and is ideal for Chocolatiers whose production is measured in hundreds of kilos per week, not per day, who need a moulding station with a larger working bowl than the Prima. 


  • Removable vibrating table (0ptional over-sized table also available)
  • Removable/reversible tempering auger
  • Pedal-operated electronic depositor with user-selectable time and repetitions (up to 9)
  • Night cycle
  • Optional upgraded motor for craft chocolate makers
  • Optional enrober
  • Optional depositing head

The Fbm COMPATTA 15 tempering machine features ‘continuous automatic chocolate tempering' where the chocolate is continuously de-crystallized and recrystallized, with a larger bowl for extended working time. This process of continuous automatic chocolate tempering includes melting the chocolate with a thermal induction heating system that assures precision and re-activity. The tempering process is accomplished by moving de-crystallized chocolate though an auger driven gas cooling system, granting short working times and accuracy in holding temperature. Fbm pioneered this technology on the Artisan machines and have been producing equipment with this capability since 1977.

The FBM COMPATTA 15 moulding machine comes standard with electronic dosing with timer to control the deposited amount and includes a vibrating table which is heated by the working bowl. The auger can be ran in reverse to empty chocolate out of the screw pipe every day to reduce restart tempering cycle times, and the machine now features a new bold design.


  • Capacity (bowl): 15 kg (~33 lbs.) 
  • Throughput: 3-5x bowl capacity per hour, depending on the type of work being done  
  • Installed power: 1600 watts (1700 w/enrober) @ 220V Single phase 
  • Dimensions: 500 W x 530 D x 1300 H
    • Working plane @ 910 mm
  • Bowl diameter: 250 mm
  • Weight: ~120 kg (~250 lbs.)
NOTE: Last photo shows optional enrobing belt. 
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