CW 24kg - Opt 200 mm Belt

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Chocolate World automatic continuous tempering machine with 24 kg tank capacity can produce ~90 kg. of tempered chocolate hourly. View instructional video.


The CW 24 tempering machine features a 24 kg tank capacity that can produce ~90 kg. of tempered chocolate per hour to mould and deposit chocolate and with optional enrobing.


  • 24 kg tank capacity
  • Produces ~90 kg of tempered chocolate hourly
  • Heated vibrating table with adjustable intensity (can disable if desired)
  • Cleaning attachment makes chocolate change over easy (see You Tube video)
  • 2 yr. warranty
  • Optional one-shot dosing head
  • Optional 200 mm enrobing belt that folds up to store vertically

Increase your productivity with the Chocolate World CW24 moulding machine.


  • Intelligent software
  • Industrial high quality plugs
  • high efficiency modular cooling system
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Aesthetic perforation for optimal heat ventilation
  • Interchangeable position of the pedal
  • Microprocessor with clear digital temperature display
  • Low power consumption (4.1 kW, three phase current)
  • Optional enrobing belt

The CW 24 tempering machine with optional enrobing capability provides dependable operation and functionality. It comes standard with 3 phase electrical but single phase is also available. A one shot dosing head to evenly distribute chocolate into molds without mess or waste and for hygienic processing is also available. Please use our drop down menu above to view various options.

To learn more about the CW24 chocolate tempering and moulding work station and the advantages of this line, contact us at TCF Sales. We will be happy to help you.

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