Roller Cutter Blades - Extra 6" Blades for Adjustable Cutter


Extra 6" detachable blades for your Adjustable 18" or 24" long Roller Cutter, for food products up to 2.25" high.

Volume Discount
Quantity Price
10 to 100US$34.00

Order extra 6" detachable blades for your Adjustable Roller Cutter.  With extended use, roller cutter blades can become dull over time and will need to be sharpened or replaced. 


  • Made of heavy stainless steel
  • Easy to affix / Easy to remove
  • Blade Diameter: 6" with 3/4" hole diameter
  • Minimum distance between blades: 1/2"

Each Blade is 6" in diameter with a 3/4" hole diameter.  These roller cutter blades are made of heavy food grade stainless steel and when can cut foods up to 2.25" high when installed on your adjustable roller cutter.

The 18" adjustable roller cutter can accommodate up to 36 blades and the 24" adjustable roller cutter can accommodate up to 47 blades.

NOTE: Photo of blade appears gold in color but is silver.


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