GRINDGO, to Expedite Mill Grinding

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The FBM GRINDGO is a nib grinder that reduces nibs into a paste of cocoa liquor, significantly reducing required nib grinding time to result in faster chocolate production.


The FBM GRINDGO is a milling machine made of stainless steel that is capable of producing a continuous flow without delay. Its unique design has exceptional grinding, is easy to use, and functions with low noise.

Cocoa nibs are feed into the GRINDGO to produce a paste of chocolate liquor that is then added to your mill grinder, like the FBM Rumbo.


  • Capacity: 50kg per hour
  • Fineness: 50 - 120
  • Power: 1.8 Kw
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Dimensions: 745 H x 350W x 450 mm L

The GRINDGO will significantly reduces the amount of grinding time required in your mill grinder, speeding up your chocolate making production.

To learn more about this pre-grinder or other bean to bar chocolate making equipment, contact TCF Sales at 512-201-4443 or toll free at 877-777-6982.

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