Dedy Almond Splinter

Dedy Almond Splinter 10kg

The Dedy Almond Splinter is designed for the quick and easy preparation of almond splinters.


The Dedy Almond Splinter is perfectly designed to quickly and easily prepare almond splinters.  Up to 40 almond splinters can be made within a few seconds, with the quick swish of the scraper. 

Dedy Almond Splinter Includes:

  • One stainless steel frame
  • One polyoxymethylene plate with elongated holes (up to 40 splinter portions)
  • One scraper which fits into the stainless steel frame

With the Dedy Almond Splinter, it's easy: the mixture is poured into the Dedy almond splinters rectangular stainless steel frame, which has an inner plate containing elongated holes.  The almond splinters are formed by guiding the mixture through the holes in the plate.  When the plate is removed the splinters are formed on the baking paper or silpat baking mat.

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