KeyChoc 75kg LX Melter and Semi-Auto Batch Tempering

Infinity LX 300kg

KeyChoc INFINITY LX 75kg LX chocolate melter and semi-automatic batch temping machine with optional features. GREAT VALUE! 


The INFINITY LX semi-automatic or batch tempering machine is the perfect replacement for traditional wheel machines, incorporating optional features of high-end continuous temperers such as timed depositing. 

The INFINITY LX features a custom-designed chocolate pump instead of an auger or  wheel, and incorporates a large 75kg tank capacity allowing users to work with a full tank of chocolate or a minimum batch size of 15kgs. This machine is also ideal for use as a 'feeder tank' for other chocolate machines such as continuous temperers or enrobing lines. 


  • Foot-pedal operated dosing system (with optimal timer control)
  • Variable flow rate and interchangeable nozzles
  • Dual agitation for efficient seep tempering with no dead spots
  • Stainless steel cover encloses chocolate to protect from contamination
  • Modular 'Plug and Play' design for easy maintenance
  • Batch tempering via the seeding method 
  • OPTIONS: Heated or non-heated vibrating table, Depositing head, Depositor timer control 


  • Flow rate up to 360kgs/hr.
  • Pump driven
  • Min. batch size of 15kgs
  • Direct heating | Variable speed pump | Digital temperature control
  • All stainless steel
  • Dimensions: (W) 600mm x (D) 600mm x (H) 940mm; (W 800mm with vibrating table added)
  • Single phase, 13 Amp, 220-240V, 50-60Hz

This easy to use tempering and moulding machine is ideal for artisan chocolatiers and works well for bakery and confectionery applications, allowing tempered chocolate to stay in temper for up to 8 hours. Additional chocolate can be periodically added in small portions without having to re-temper.  This machine is well suited for both real chocolate and compound chocolate and its tank allows you to work with large or small batches depending on your needs.

The Infinity LX tempering machine also allows you to purchase only the options that you need. The vibrating table comes in a heated or a non-heated version for making hollow shells and removing air bubbles from moulded chocolates. The depositing head allows you to fill a complete mould at one time and the depositing timer will allow you to set your desired time to fill each mould, remove it, and insert another to continue filling the next mould.  These KeyChoc options will further increase your productivity.

TCF Sales is pleased to distribute for KeyChoc, a British manufacturer who understands quality, functionality and economy.  They are an official machinery partner of the Barry Callebaut UK Academy; a trusted partner for artisan and industrial chocolate producers throughout the UK and a number of other countries throughout the world.

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