Chocolate World Mould Loader to Feed Moulds

M18100S1 - M1800S2
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Automatic Mini Moulding Line or "mould loader" automatically feeds polycarbonate moulds through your Chocolate World CW40 or CW60 tempering machine.


This Mini Moulding Line is an assembly for your CW40 or CW60 Chocolate World automatic continuous tempering machine that allows multiple mould layouts to be ran during a single production process and without a specific dosing head.

Featuring four (4) different and adjustable heating systems and a double scraping process, moulds are filled and scraped automatically and then vibrated on a vibrating table to eliminate air bubbles from the chocolate.

  • Process 4 moulds per minute.
  • Adjustable heating for 4 systems:
    • Upper scrapers
    • Side scrapers
    • Return pump
    • Vibrating station
  • Power and consumption: 230 V - 16A - 3680 W

Moulds can be flipped to make shells or you can produce solid chocolate products. When making shells, excess chocolate is collected and diverted back into the automatic tempering machine. After allowing the chocolate to set and filling with ganache, the same automatic 'flood and scrap' method is used to close the filled shells with chocolate.

DIMS: 1950 mm x 494 mm x 1470 mm
WT: 235 kg

The Chocolate World Mould Loader Production Process:

  • Place moulds on the mould loader.
  • A pushing system places moulds under the tempering machine to fill with chocolate.
  • Moulds are scraped with a double scraper and vibrated to remove bubbles.
  • Moulds can be turned to create chocolate shells as desired.

For optimal production, consider a Chocolate World cooling tunnel.