LifTIL Truk - Kettle Lift 'A'

Model A 200kg

Improve your efficiency with a LifTIL Truk 'A' mobile kettle and bowl lift.


Introducing the NEW space saving, LifTIL Truk 'A' kettle lift will save you time and improve your efficiency.  The bowl lift is a safe one person lifting and pouring machine.  The LifTIL Truk's are 12VVDC powered hydraulic lifts for pours from table-top up to 104" / 2640 mm.  Conveniently lift and pour from anywhere. 

The lift includes and on-board battery charger for overnight recharging using standard voltage. Power cord free for lifting and pouring


  • Lifts up to 250lbs (110kg)
  • Push-button 12VDC powered lift
  • Easy-rolling with industrial casters & push handles
  • No power cords
  • Tilt and pour at any point along the vertical column
  • Hand cranked gear tilt
  • Directly picks up to Savage kettles
  • Mixer bowls and other containers can be picked up with special straps and adapters


  • Casters are 5" diameter and are rated for up to 900lbs
  • 110 Volt AC battery charger
  • Height: 73.8"
  • Designed to fit in doorways 

The LifTIL Truk's come in several models with a wide range of heights.  This lift is used in 1000's of commercial and retail operations across the US and other countries.  This lift is ideal for the candy, baking and chemical industries worldwide.

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