KeyChoc 75kg MX Melter and Batch Tempering

Infinity MX

SALE on upgraded KeyChoc 75kg INFINITY MX chocolate melter and batch tempering machine that can accommodate inclusions up to 10 mm in size.


SALE on the INFINITY MX chocolate moulding and batch tempering machine with 2021 upgrades to include a more modern, easy to use intuitive color touchscreen control panel, greater control in deposit mode, and more onboard diagnostics in the Engineer's section.

Featuring a 75kg tank capacity, the Infinity MX chocolate moulding and batch tempering machine uses an auger driven system that provides a strong flow of chocolate and can operate with as little as 5kg of chocolate (or15kg when tempering chocolate, including 5kg of seed).  Its versatility allows users to deposit a measured quantity of chocolate into moulds via its foot pedal or with an optional depositing head, and can accommodate inclusions up to 10 mm. 


  • 75 kg tank capacity
  • Seed tempering
  • Removable auger for quick and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for inclusions up to 10mm
  • Flow rate: up to 700kgs/hr
  • Operating environment: Maximum 20°C / 68°F
  • Dimensions: (W) 600mm x (D) 660mm x (H) 940mm (W 800mm with vibrating table added)
  • Single phase supply, 13 Amp, 220-240V, 50-60 Hz.
  • OPTIONS INCLUDE: Vibration table, depositing head, automatic mould loader
The Infinity MX semi-automatic tempering machine is very versatile and well suited to working with both real chocolate and compound. Its large tank allows flexibility of working with a small or large amount of chocolate and is also perfect for use as a feeder tank for automatic continuous tempering machines or enrobing lines.


First melt your chocolate to 45°C.  If using callets, this will take ~3 hrs. so is often done overnight. Then, select one of the two methods below.

  • Method 1 Set the temperature as required. Add your seed (more solid chocolate callets) equivalent to 30-40% of the melted chocolate in your tank. Your chocolate will be tempered in ~30 minutes.
  • Method 2: Allow melted chocolate in tank to cool to 34°-35°C.  Add 2-3 kg of seed or 1% of Mycryo or pre-crystallized cocoa butter. Your chocolate will be tempered in ~ 5-10 minutes.

Once your chocolate is tempered, it will stay in temper for up to 8 hours without the need for extra stirring or heat.


The Infinity MX tempering machine comes with a foot pedal. If you are making inclusion bars only, this is all you need. Optional depositing head is available for order for filling moulds from 500g bars to 5 g solid chocolates.


The Infinity MX has a built in drain outlet at the rear of the machine and its auger is easily removed from the top of the machine. Excess chocolate from the auger can be shaken off into the tank without mess. A full cleaning of the machine takes 15-20 minutes, including drying time.

ABOUT KEYCHOC: KeyChoc is a British manufacturer of the INFINITY MX and official machinery partner of the Barry Callebaut UK Academy; a trusted partner for artisan and industrial chocolate producers throughout the UK and a number of other countries throughout the world. KeyChoc understands quality, functionality and economy.

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