Sipping Chocolate 10 lbs., For Hot Chocolate Dispensers


Cioccolata Calda premium Italian style sipping chocolate for hot chocolate dispensers or individual cups. 10 lb. bulk box. All natural. No artificial ingredients.  


Delicious dark pure ground chocolate for making sipping chocolate is formulated for easy mixing and use with hot chocolate dispensers offered by TCF Sales, or for use with individual cups.  10 lb. bulk box.

Italian-style sipping chocolate (no powders) called Cioccolata Calda is truly decadent and not to be confused with hot chocolate mixes made with cocoa powder, a chocolate manufacturing by-product.  This all natural product with no artificial ingredients has incredible flavor and takes the guess work out of formulating your own pure chocolate mix.  


  • Works great in hot chocolate dispensers
  • Formulated for easy mixing
  • Italian style (no powders)
  • 10 lbs. makes up to 640 1 oz. servings
  • All natural - No artificial ingredients

Ideal for chocolate boutiques, hotels, restaurants, equipment rental companies and individuals who wish to serve a decadent high-end sipping chocolate without the hassle. Easy to mix. Easy to use. Premium quality.

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