FBM 40 kg - Opt 250mm Belt

Unica 40
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The UNICA 40 is a cost effective automatic continuous tempering machine with 40kg capacity for bar molding and enrobing in workshops with moderate to high production volumes, with optional 250mm enrobing belt.


The UNICA continuous tempering machine incorporates an advanced three-zone tempering system for more precise control over the tempering curve.  Designed for workshops with moderate to high production, it is a robust 40kg capacity machine that automatically tempers your chocolate and keeps it in temper. 

Operators can program and save individual tempering curves for the chocolates they use and can set a weekly schedule.  For instance, you can schedule the machine to turn on early Monday morning to allow ample time for the chocolate to melt prior to the start of your work day. The CPU also controls the heating and cooling automatically based on the set points entered.

  • Automatic continuous tempering
  • Bowl capacity 40kg (~90 lbs.)
  • Removable vibrating table
  • Removable tempering auger with speed controller
  • Pedal operated electronic depositor
  • 3 tempering zones
  • Night cycle
  • Optional pneumatic doser (requires separate air compressor, min. 90 PSI)
  • Optional B2B craft chocolate bar molding upgrade
  • Optional enrober belt
  • Optional mold loader

UNICA 40 features bright LED indicators that display when set melting and tempering points have been reached and when the machine is in night mode.  This machine is available in single phase or 3-phase electrical and a 30A dedicated circuit is recommended.

DIMS:  500 W x 830 D x 1560mm H

WEIGHT: ~250kg (~560 lbs.)

The Unica tempering machine is recommended to be used with couverture chocolate and is ideal for use with craft chocolate with the optional craft chocolate bar molding upgrade.

To learn more about the FBM UNICA 40kg automatic continuous tempering machine, give us a call or send us an email.  We will be happy to help you!

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