Sugar Panner, 7-8 Kg panning capacity


7-8 kg capacity sugar panner for sugar coated food products.


This sugar panner, also called a sugar panning machine, is designed to produce sugar coated confections. Coat various nuts including peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, plus dried fruits and other confectionery specialties.

  • Production capacity: 2-8 kg
  • Electronic burner ignition
  • Container heated by gas burner
  • Copper container
  • Zinc-plated iron frame
  • Manual overturning of machine for dispensing product
  • Electric 220 V 50/60 Hz, 170 W
  • 550 W x 670 D x 740 mm H / 32 kg weight

Panning is the process of coating nuts, dried fruits and other products with chocolate or sugar. Please contact the TCF Sales team (512-201-4443) to learn more about this sugar panneror other panning equipment.

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