BETEC MTE 50 - Tempering, Moulding, Enrobing

MTE 50
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The Betec MTE 50 is an automatic tempering machine for moulding and enrobing chocolate with a 50kg chocolate melting tank, and many extras.


The BeTec MTE 50 enrobing machine is designed to temper chocolate automatically by moving the chocolate through heating and cooling zones using an auger pump (Archimedean screw). Chocolate not consumed in the enrobing process is cycled back through the heating and cooling zones which provides a continuous flow of tempered chocolate for optimal crystallization.

The MTE line of enrobers from Belgium manufacturer BeTec, is their standard for enrobing and is very effective for Artisan chocolatiers and mid-level producers.


  • Heated 50kg melting tank
  • Enrobing belts in 240 or 300mm widths
  • Variable speed enrobing belt (.6-1.8m per second)
  • Infeed table, 20cm
  • Adjustable heating element at beginning and end of belt
  • Bottom enrobing piece
  • Full enrobing piece
  • Adjustable blower
  • Adjustable in-line vibration
  • Adjustable heater at end of the belt
  • Plastic hinged cover
  • Detailer rod goes both directions
  • Take of table, 1.5M with stand at end
  • Hourly production: 155kg
  • Power consumption: 2.3kW
  • DIMS: 710 L x 825 W x 1.380mm H (W = 1040mm if vibrating table is mounted)
Using a color PLC touch screen display, a clear overview of all parameters is at your finger tips. The MTE 50 comes standard with a heated vibration table and volumetric dosing function, and has all necessary functions and accessories for enrobing confections.
Please contact TCF Sales to learn more about the MTE 50 enrobing machine or for more industrial applications, ask about the BeTec ATE enrobers.
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