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The Taobroma ball mill for grinding chocolate nibs into chocolate liquor.


The TAOBROMA ball mill provides fast and homogeneous refining avoiding unwanted clogging and reduces nib particle size to 20-25 microns for a nice mouth-feel.

  • 35 kg capacity
  • Internal pump
  • Reversible auger
  • Easy to use PLC
  • Control of stirrer and pump speeds, working temperature, refining time
  • Separate heating / cooling circuits
The PLC control panel is easy to use and customers can create and store recipes, set temperatures, set speeds of the stirrer and pump, etc., to control designated grind preferences.
Made by Italian manufacturer FBM, the TAOBROMA compliments other FBM bean-to-bar equipment.
  • 3 ph, 4.5 kW
  • 1025 L x 650 W x 1530 H mm
  • Weight: 500 kg

If you are making chocolate from the bean, take a look at the TAOBROMA ball mill, and give us with your questions or to learn more about the FBM line of bean to bar chocolate making equipment: TCF Sales, 512-201-4443 or toll free 877-777-6982.

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