XL Confectionery Guitar Cutter for 60 x 40 cm Trays


Extra Large single arm guitar cutter for cutting soft foods and confections.


Optimize your cutting operations with an XL confectionery guitar cutter that perfectly suits 60 x 40 cm trays used in the pastry industry. 

It's robust aluminum precision engineered base and stainless steel interchangeable frames will cut soft food products quickly and uniformly.
  • XL Guitar Base 60 x 60 cm
  • Single Arm operation for cutting 60 x 40 cm layup trays of soft foods
  • Interchangeable Frames Available in the following sizes: 22.5 mm, 30 mm, 45 mm or 60 mm
  • This Kit Comes with 1 Frame
  • Order Additional Frames as Desired
This extra large confectionery and pastry guitar cutter is ideal for cutting sheet cakes and other soft confectioner or similar foods such as gananche, cheese case, marshmallow, etc.  

Select the frame size of your choice using the drop down menu (1 frame included with kit). To order more than 1 cutting frame, use the NOTES section when ordering online to let us know what size or sizes you would like or give us a call for personal assistance. Additional frames are $865 ea. 
NOTE: There may be a lead time on this item. 
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