Candy Depositor, Automatic,

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Pneumatic and servo operated depositor for gummies, hard candies, edibles and other confections.


Air actuated single shot candy depositor with indexing conveyor is designed for automatic depositing of various candies including gummies, hard candies, chocolate and candy edibles, and other.
This candy and confectionery depositor dispenses a regulated amount of product through a depositing head using compressed air. It's servo-driven conveyor adapts to a variety of moulds and tray carriers of varying shapes and sizes with the ability to run silicone, blister packs and other molds. Customers can control individual temperatures of the hopper, base and air heater with an HMI touchscreen control panel.
  • Ideal for depositing viscous products
  • Full color touch screen control interface panel
  • Control flow and temperatures
  • Sore test parameters for convenient test repetition and modification
  • With Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
  • Optional UL listed control panel
  • 6-head depositor is standard (9-head is optional)
  • Emergency stops on control panel and side of machine
  • Safety gates on front and rear of depositor
  • 25 lb. hopper with air space heater
  • Written safety & operations manual with full electrical drawings

This automated confectionery depositor is more robust than a manually operated table top depositor yet less costly than a fully automated depositing line. It is easy to use. Moulds are loaded onto the indexing conveyor and the conveyor lugs move it forward under the depositing head. The first photo eye under the depositor recognizes the edge of the mould and slows the conveyor and the 2nd photo eye stops the mould under the nozzles. The depositing hopper is lowered and raised to deposit product one row at a time and the depositing cycle repeats until the number of pre-programmed deposits are met. The conveyor belt will run continuously until the edge of the next mould (mold) board is recognized and the machine can be operated continuously to complete a production run. Please note: As the hopper gets low you will need to add more product and/or adjust the flow on the control panel.

  • Footprint: 46" x 65" (excluding panel)
  • Electrical: 208-230V single phase, 20 amps
  • Air: 80 psi compressed air supply @ 4-6 scfm, customer required
  • Materials: stainless steel & other FDA approved materials
  • Capacity: ~60-90 pieces per minute
This small to medium sized production confectionery depositor conforms with FDA Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 110, Subpart C, Sec. 110.40 Equipment and Utensils. To learn more about this candy and confectionery depositor, call TCF Sales at 512-201-4443.
Please note that a similar depositor is available to deposit small drops of chocolates to make chocolate chips.
NOTE: This depositor ships freight and will be calculated at the time of purchase. Please contact us for a formal quote in advance as necessary.
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