BETEC 450 Enrobing Line

BETEC Cooling System 1200kg
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BETEC medium sized tempering and enrobing line with 450 mm enrobing and cooling belt.   


The BETEC automatic tempering and enrobing machine can be combined with their cooling tunnel for a fully automated enrobing line system. Customers often select the ATE 120-450 with a 120kg capacity chocolate tank and automatic continuous tempering controlled by a touchscreen PLC along with the cooling tunnel type 450 (1 + 12 + 1.5).

Betec produces cooling tunnels for all kinds of applications, for chocolate, bakery and confectionery use, and even non-food prodcuts. Each tunnel is tailor made to the customer's requirements and budget in both economic and industrial applications.

Contact TCF Sales to learn more about BETEC automatic continuous tempering and enrobing plus cooling at 512-201-4443.
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