Universal Demolder


The Universal Demolder for Truffly Made molds will remove candies and chocolates from molds (moulds) one sheet at a time.


Increase your output with a Universal Demolder that will demold your Truffly Made moulds (or molds) one sheet at a time. Ideal for hard candies, caramels, gummies, fruit jelly and chocolates.

Each demolder assembly includes one standard mold frame to match the Truffly Made mold you are using. To use:

  • Select the mould frame that matches the mould you are using
  • Place mould frame on demoulder
  • Place filled mold on top of frame
    • Candies or chocolate should be cooled and hardended
  • Pull lever

This confectionery equipment efficiency tool is easy to use; just one pull to pop out a full sheet of candies. Please note: This item works best if candies and chocolates are cooled and hardened prior to placing on the demolder. Also, custom mould frames are available as well. Please submit dimensions and photos of your molds to us for a quote.

Contact us at TCF Sales @ 512-201-4443 to learn more about this mould (mold) demolding devise for Truffly Made molds. 

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