FBM Decorator, Decomatico

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Robotic decorator for enrobed pralines that is inserted between your enrobing attachment and horizontal cooling tunnel.


The Decomatico is an efficient robotic system of decorating enrobed pralines that installs between your enrober and cooling tunnel for a complete system.

Made by FBM, the Decomatico confectionery decorator features an electronic CPU that is easy to use and allows operators to store decoration designs for different pralines or other chocolate coated products. The axis that activates the Decomatico is managed by a camera that permits decoration on the products without being placed in a precise order. Depending on the type of pad, Decomatico can change the type of decoration, from the diagonal blade of the central color of cocoa butter to the side or partially on the upper part.

  • 300 mm belt
  • Attaches to an FBM enrober and Climatico cooling tunnel
  • Ability to change the type of decoration
  • Can be powered with compressed air

The Decomatico can also be powered with compressed air to make decorations that require the puff on the top just coated with chocolate. It has an inverter to synchronize the belt with the other machinery of the enrobing line.

To learn more about the Decomatico, contact TCF Sales at 512-201-4443.

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