BETEC Depositor

FM 275
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BETEC chocolate and ganache depositor for polycarbonate moulds with pneumatically driven pistons for all kinds of fillings.


Belgian technology and construction depositor by Betec automatically fills polycarbonate moulds measuring 275 x 135mm , 275 x 175mm or 275 x 205 mm. Moulds are placed manually onto the electronically driven chain that automatically positions them under the depositor head nozzles. Pneumatically driven pistons deposit all kinds of fillings, with or without inclusions. Moulds are automatically lifted up and during the downward movement the pistons deposit an accurate dose of ingredients.

The FM 275 Betec depositor incorporates a heated funnel (hopper) and depositing head for better processing of certain fillings, and the design and construction of the depositing head guarantees no leakage.

  • Electronically Adjustable: interval of chain, speed of chain, suck-back of pistons, temperature of depositor head and funnel
  • Mechanically Adjustable: amount of filling, upward movement of the chain

A variety of options can be selected for the FM 275 depositor, including an air compressor, vibrating table and mould loading device. Photo shown incorporates a mould loader and take off table.

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