Gummy Production Line, G150

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G150 Gummy Production Line for gelatin or pectin gummy with output of ~60,000 gummies per hour.



The G150 stand-alone automatic production line is capable of producing ~60,000 gummies per hour. It for use with gelatin or pectin and deal for CBD, THC, and vitamin gummies in one or two colors.

The G150 gummy production line incorporates cooking, depositing, oil spraying, cooling and demolding, and is operated by a touch screen easy to use control system. It features auto dosing, quick release tooling, a dual brush removal system, and polyurethane food grade cooling belt. Two cooking kettles and a storage tank are included, plus a special designed de-moulding device.

  • Produce up to 150kgs / hr. 
  • LED touch panel / PLC control system
  • In-line injection, dosing and pre-mixing
  • Dosing pump for automatic injections of colors, flavors and acids
  • Available for 1 or 2 color jellies
  • Sanitary construction
  • Deposied hard candies can be produced on the same line by changing moulds

Contact TCF Sales to discuss your gummy or hard candy production requirements and to learn more about the G150 gummy production line.

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