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Continuous tempering machine with 50 kg tank chocolate capacity.


The LCM 50 AT automatic tempering machine features true automatic continuous tempering, a 50 kg integrated heated chocolate working tank, and a casting pipe that moves in all directions increasing its flexibility for casting hollow bodies and molds (moulds), coating cakes and pastries and for feeding dosing and coating machines of all makes.

LCM is well-known for it specialized and advanced tempering technique that uses chilled tempering plates rather than a auger pump. Chocolate is completely de-crystallized, melted out at 45c, and re-crystallized on each circulation. This method of chocolate tempering results in a higher quality confectionery product with a longer shelf life.

  • Integrated, heated work tank 90 cm wide, 45 cm deep
  • Tank capacity max 50 kg
  • Ready to plug in, prepared for shaking table and dosing unit
  • Continuous Tempering Output ~50-80 kg/hr; Delivery output ~350kg/hr
  • DIMS: 106 cm W x 80/86 cm D x 91/120 cm H
  • Empty Weitht: 160 kg
  • Low Energy Consumption (~1.0kWh) and low heat generation during tempering
  • Electrical USA: 208V / 120V, CEE plug, 16 Amp, 2,5kW

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