Punch Cutter Set, Round Pastry Cutters Fluted

Punch Cutter Set, Round Pastry Cutters Fluted

Round punch cutters for cutting cookie dough and other pastry dough.  Set of 12 ea. in graduated sizes with convenient storage case.

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Code10101007, Punch Cutters Round Fluted

Professional and inexpensive punch cutter set contains 12 ea. graduated cutters for cookie dough or other dough. Round shape with a fluted edge, all conveniently store in a small case.


  • Set of 12 ea.
  • Carrying / storage case included
  • Fluted edge on ea. cutter
  • Made of thicker, food grade stainless steel

DIMS: 1.18"; 1.57; 1.97"; 2.36"; 2.76"; 3.15"; 3.54"; 3.94"; 4.33"; 4.72"; 5.12"; 5.51"
(Ø 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130,140 mm)
Thickness: 0.02" (0,4 mm)

These confectionery cutters are used for cutting all types of pastry dough and referred to as punch cutters, cookie cutters, pasta cutters, quiche dough cutters, etc.