Confectionery Spraying Cabinet, Motor Ventillated

DR180952 150kg

Stainless steel ventilated spraying cabinet for confectionery use. Select the standard model or upgraded model for extra ventilation.


Stainless steel spray cabinet for chocolate decoration and other applications will keep your workspace free from overspray with its powerful suction and exhaust system. Spray chocolate moulds with cocoa butter or a chocolate cocoa butter combination, or use for all kinds of chocolate decoration.   

  • Easy to use
  • Washable / reusable filter
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Suitable for use with all types of sprayers
  • Standard model - 1 ventilation motor
  • Upgraded model - 2 ventilation motors
Incorporating a non-cumbersome sliding door and 4 sturdy swiveling wheels (2 with brakes), a washable and reusable filter, and 1 or 2 motors for ventilation, this spray cabinet is a nice additional for confectionery and bakery professionals.

For optimal operation, this spray cabinet can be linked to a pipe for the ejection of particles.

  • 110 V (220V Optional)
  • 34.5" x 28" x 24" H (87 x 71 x 61 cm H)
  • 1075 CFM - Standard model
  • 2150 CFM - Upgraded model
Spray gun or compressor not included. See ChocoGun, which can attach to the side of this confectionery spray cabinet. If ordered at a later date, please let us know if you would like to attach your spray gun so it can ship with a support piece instead of feet to allow for installation.

NOTE: Photo 2 shows spray cabinet with 2 motors for increased ventilation. Photo 3 shows the ChocoGun installed on the right hand side of the cabinet. 
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