ELITE 19" Chocolate Fondue Fountain, Mildly Used


DISCOUNT on mildly used Sephra 19" ELITE chocolate fondue fountain used at a chocolate festival. Two (2) in stock. DEPENDABLE SMALL CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS.

Our PriceUS$159.99
CodeELITE 17311

Two mildly used Chocolate Fondue Fountains in stock at TCF Sales.  SAVE MONEY on this dependable small chocolate fountain that can serve parties of up to 50 people.   --2 Models in stock, used once at a trade show. 

The Elite Chocolate Fountain contains a quality motor and components, along with a number of features unique to the Sephra line. The Elite incorporates self-leveling tiers that are easily removed for cleaning yet simple to reinstall. Tiers slide onto the tube without tools.  It's twist-off basin provides for fast and easy clean up and prevents the base from getting dinged up during cleaning. 19" ELITE FONDUE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN: 

  • Electronic controls
  • Temperature settings for hot and cold fondues
  • Dishwasher safe top
  • Food grade high-impact polymer tiers
  • QuickSet tier assembly - sets up in seconds
  • Stainless steel removable TWIST-OFF BASIN for easy cleaning
  • Very quiet motor 
  • Minimum Chocolate: 4 lbs.
  • Maximum Chocolate: 6 lbs. 
  • Fondue testing funnel included
  • 6 color coded metal fondue skewers included
  • Basin Width: 10.75" |  Total Height: 19" 
  • 1 yr. limited warranty

An optional stainless steel tier set is available.