Dedy Cooling Tunnels

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Dedy Cooling Tunnels are the ultimate component for your enrobing machines. It is a separate unit and its band width conforms to the Dedy 220 and 320 enrobers. The variable conveyor drive, air circulation fan and evaporator guarantees maximum cooling performance.


Realize chocolate enrobed products immediately with a Dedy Cooling Tunnel for the Dedy 220 or 320 Enrober. This enrobing machine cooling tunnel will further speed your production by quickly cooling your enrobed confections. Confections can be completely cooled and ready for consumption or packaging, depending upon the length of the cooling tunnel desired. 

The decoration and the take-off tables have  built in pneumatic steering devices and photoelectronics.  All cooling tunnel covers can be easily removed for cleaning. Plus, with the Dedy 'Glass' Cooling Tunnel, you are able to view the complete production process! This is a unique feature and very well received by our customers. See the complete manufacturing process from start to finish: from the placing of the products on the  enrobing  belt, to the actual enrobing, through the drying process and to their removal. 

  • Built in Cooling Compressor
  • Automatic Band Steering
  • Adjustable Speed: .4m - 1.6m per min.
  • Air Circulation Fan & Evaporator, for Maximum Cooling
  • Body Made of Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel / Glass Cover for Optimal Viewing
  • Electrical: 230V, 200 Watt

Incorporate the Dedy Glass Cooling Tunnel into your enrobing line, to realize finished products immediately.




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