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Aura table-top automatic continuous tempering machine for moulding. Built in vibration table, dosing function, and pedal. 


The Aura table-top tempering machine melts and tempers chocolate using an automatic continuous tempering technique. It is designed for low volume chocolate molding, including bars, shells and more, and is also used for chocolate decorating.

The FBM Aura includes a removable vibrating table, automatic reversing tempering auger, pedal operated electronic depositor with user selectable time and repetitions (up to 4) for filling molds, and incorporates a night cycle. Its tempering cycle is controlled by a custom-programmed dedicated CPU that monitors and adjusts the heating and cooling within a very narrow range based on the set melting and tempering points, to deliver tempered chocolate on a continuous basis. 


  • Table-top automatic continuous tempering
  • Bowl capacity 4 Kg (~8.8 lbs.)
  • Production: ~10 Kg per hour (~22 lbs.)
  • Automatic reversing tempering auger
  • Electronic dosing controlled with foot pedal
  • Removable vibrating table

Modern chocolate tempering machines with fully-automatic continuous tempering simplify the chocolate crystallization process which is critical to product quality and shelf life. The Aura, made by FBM, is a perfect choice for small workshops looking for their first continuous tempering machine and for larger workshops needing a dedicated machine for smaller amounts of chocolate. It and can be used for hand-dipping centers including hand-rolled and cut/slabbed, low-volume molding including bars, shells and more, and for chocolate decorating.

  • Dimensions: 640 W x 400 D x 355 H; Height including spout, 730mm
  • Weight: 70 Kg (~155 lbs.)
  • 220V 3-phase. Single phase optional (+ $550)
  • Power: Dedicated 15A circuit recommended

Please contact us at TCF Sales @ 512-201-4443 to learn more about the FBM Aura Tempering Machine or other chocolate equipment processing solutions.

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