Cooling and Heating Tables

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Worry-free stainless steel confectionery Cooling and Heating Tables to speed candy production.


Increase your confectionery output with a Cooling Table or a Heating Table. For faster set up or extended working times, manually pour your cooked candy or confections onto a cooling or heating table or use a lift truck to transport and pour your cooked batch from your kettle to the table.

These cooling tables and heating tables have been engineered to maximize temperature transfer results quicker, and with minimal water use. Designed for 100 PSI working pressure, these cooling and heating tables uses standard tap water or you can incorporate a water chiller to further decrease your water temperature to further speed production.


  • Water jacketed table top design
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Ribbed table top prevents twisting or deflection during alternate cooling / heating cycles
  • Includes perimeter and 1 loose slab bar
  • Adjustable leveling foot pads
  • Water connectors (2 in, 1 out)
  • Connect to hot water or steam source for heating
  • Efficient heat transfer - Over 92% top contact with flowing water


  • 3/4" square stainless steel bars, hinged around table perimeter
  • One (1) 34.5" L loose slab bar to size batch

This nice quality cooling and heating tables can be ordered in a standard length or in a custom size to meet your production or space requirements. Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

For larger production lines, attach one or more tables that are available in the standard four sizes:

  1. 30" x 60" (surface area: 1,667 sq in)
  2. 30" x 72" (surface area: 2,009 sq in)
  3. 36" x 72" (surface area: 2,432 sq in)
  4. 36" x 96" (surface area: 3,260 sq in)

Add a variety of options to your cooling or heating table: table cutter (with or without a protective cover), rolling drum sizer, product leveler, holding rack, or extra high or special sizes of side slab bars. One loose slab bar is included with the purchase of a cooling or heating table.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific confectionery needs for a heated table or a cooling table. We will be happy to help you!

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