LCM ATC 240 Enrober, 40kg Melting Tank

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The LCM ATC 240 chocolate coating machine can be used as an enrober or moulding machine and uses 'true' automatic tempering technology with many superior features.


The LCM ATC 240 chocolate coating machine is a serious top-tier enrobing and moulding machine with a 55kg melting tank and a 240mm enrobing belt width. Coat candies and confections, cakes, and more using full enrobing or partial enrobing, including bottom enrobing only.

The ATC series of enrobing machines use the same tempering technology that is used on industrial machines. Melted chocolate can be tempered in 20 minutes and liquid chocolate can be continually replenished in small volumes per the in/max chocolate level indicator light and can be automatically fed from an optional melting tank as desired. Electric contact heaters ensure precise heating temperatures and the cooling system is housed in the lower section of the machine for tempering. 

The ATC 240 enrobing functions include a 240mm wide belt, variable controlled heated blower fan that is adjustable in height up to 10 cm with a food safe filter for blowing off chocolate after coating, separate motors to control speeds of the belt, blower and detailer, a coating grid belt of 1.4 meters that is easy to remove and clean with an additional inlet grid belt with a placement area of 40 cm, and a 1.6 meter run-off belt with paper roller for clipping in.  


  • Soft start-up of agitator via frequency converter
    • Low load on mechanical components result in long service life
  • Start-stop system for single person operation and paper utilization
  • Separate motors regulate belt speed, the blower, and detailer rod
  • Curtain box and blower fan adjustable in height up to 10 cm
  • Bottom dipping device included
  • Precise electronic temperature regulation for heating and cooling to 1/10°C
  • Integrated heated working tank (~90 cm W x ~45 cm D)
  • Filling pipe adjusts in height, can pivot and be removed for cleaning
  • Solid chocolate is melted over a period of about 4 hrs.
    • Liquid chocolate can be continually replenished in small constant volumes
  • 2 piece plastic hood with hinge to keep open
  • PLC controller can be exchanged via modules for easy, trouble free servicing

The ATC 240 machine housing is made completely of stainless steel and is portable on rolling castors that lock into place. Moulding is accomplished via the flood and scrape method and a large optional vibration table can be ordered to further increase your productivity. 


Capacity Width W1/W2 Depth Height H1/H2 Elect Empty Wt
105 / 306 cm
97 / 131 cm

A variety of options are also available and incl ude: a rotary truffle table, a truffle grid belt, a mold (or mould) filling pipe, an insert for reducing the volume in the tank, a heated guard grid, decorating tray, spare belts, and more.

To learn more about the LCM chocolate coating and enrobing machines with molding capacity, made in Germany by LCM, please contact us at 512-201-4443 or email us.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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