KLEEGO Conche and Melting Tank

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The Kleego Conche and Melting Tank is a revolutionary modular dual application chocolate machine for the artisan chocolate professional that both melts and conches chocolate, and available in 2 bowl sizes: 50 kg and 100 kg.


The FBM Kleggo conche and melting tank is a new and innovative chocolate machine with dual functionality, filling two important needs of craft bean to bar chocolate makers and comes in two sizes.

The Kleego has an integrated pump making it versatile for use in general chocolate production and has an optional optical sensor to automatically maintain the proper quantity of chocolate in the working bowl of a tempering machine. It incorporates a high speed 35kg conche that addresses texture and flavor development. Typical texture and flavor development can take days in a stone grinder yet the Kleego can accomplish the conching process in hours! Chocolate can then be pumped into a container for aging or into a tempering machine.

The Kleego conching assembly is top mounted and removable. Its custom digital control panel provides precise, repeatable control over the important parameters of conching.


  • Bowl stirrer speed: 0-70 RPM
  • Conche stirrer speed: 40 RPM
  • Bowl temperature: 30-60°C (~85-140°F)
  • Main airflow: 0-100 m3/hr (max ~160cfm); Temperature: Ambient 77°C (~170°F)
  • Ceramic heater temperature: ambient - 90°C (~190°F)

Kleego is Fbm's newest innovation in modular chocolate machines and designed for artisan chocolate professionals. Fbm is known for introducing 'continuous tempering' technology for artisan chocolatiers back in 1977, which until then was previously reserved for large-scale industrial chocolate makers and since then they have continued to increase their span, offering enrobing belts, depositors, cooling tunnels, and more.


  • Bowl capacity as melter: 50 kg (~110 lbs) 
  • Bowl capacity as conche: 35 kg (~80 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 500 x 750 x 1170 mm
  • Bowl capacity as melter: 100 kg (~220 lbs) 
  • Bowl capacity as conche: 70 kg (~145lbs)
  • Dimensions: 500 x 760 x 1500 mm
  • Installed power: 4kW @ 220V 3-Phase
  • Weight: 110 kg (220 lbs.)
  • Installed power: 5kW @ 220V 3-Phase
  • Weight: 220 kg (485 lbs.)



  • Shear: Counter-rotating stirrers break up particle clumps and coat particles with cocoa butter
  • Mixing: Auger pump circulates chocolate continuously during conching for even processing
  • Air flow: High volume forced air system and extraction fan carry off volatile aromas quickly
  • Heat: Three (3) independently controllable heat sources: bowl heater, air heater, ceramic heater

The Kleego Chocolate Conche and Melting Tank ships freight. This item is made to order with a standard lead time of 4 weeks.

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