Chocolate Depositor, Polycarbonate Molds

PFM 2000B
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Chocolate Depositor fills polycarbonate chocolate molds 1 row at a time.


Chocolatiers can dramatically increase output with a Chocolate Depositor made for dosing chocolate or ganache into moulds (molds) one row at a time.  

This confectionery depositor is ideal for filling moulds with a precise quantity of fluid chocolate or ganache, up to 100 fillings per minute. Pistons can easily be pointed toward mould (mold) cavities to best accommodate your mould configuration. Eight piston assemblies are included to fill moulds up to 8 cavities across. If your mould has fewer cavities across, simply remove piston assemblies as applicable.


  • Dosing volume is adjustable
  • 40mm L nozzles (Optional thinner nozzles are available for liquid)
  • Pistons are heat controlled
  • 5 Liter hopper capacity
  • Includes instruction manual, tray, lifting plate, chute, lid, spare parts and cleaning brushes
  • Convenient upright storage
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Germany

The Easy Fill chocolate depositor, also called a Praline Fix depositor in Europe, has dramatically increased output of production for chocolatiers worldwide. Imagine filling moulds with a precise quantity one row at a time instead of filling individual cavities with a pastry bag or funnel.

The lifting plate and ramp (or chute) move moulds down after filling from the end of the lifting plate. Depositing output varies depending upon your particular application but this chocolate and ganache depositor machine can process up to 100 fillings per minute.

Nozzles on the piston assemblies can be replaced with optional thinner nozzles for dispensing or depositing liquor or similar material. Another available option is a conversion kit to fill truffles and blister moulds that contain a lifting plate with centering device, a pallet holder for blister moulds and 8 longer 60mm nozzle rings.

  • DIMS: 510 x 400 x 570 mm
  • WEIGHT: 17kg (~37 lbs)
  • ELECTRICAL: 115V, 50Hz, 10W
  • PRE-HEATING PERIOD: 30 minutes

This chocolate depositor is well used and appreciated in the confectionery industry. It is easy to use but important to take the time to read the operating manual prior to use for all new operators. Cleaning is accomplished without tools and is relatively quick. See attached video. After cleaning, the parts identified in the manual must be sprayed with a food safe grease (like Vegalene) to guarantee a steady filling each and every time.

NOTE: Photos show all possible nozzle types. This depositor comes with 40mm l nozzles, other sizes are optional. However, if you are only filling moulds with liquor, you can purchase this depositor with the correct nozzles without having to buy both. If you are ordering online, state this in the notes section or feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

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