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PROXIMA 25 continuous tempering machine with moulding capabilities, includes auto-dosing and vibration table, and optional enrobing belt.


The PROXIMA 25 automatic continuous tempering and moulding machine is ideal for producing molded chocolates and can be upgraded with a dosing head or chocolate enrobing belt. Utilizing continuous tempering that Fbm is known for, the PROXIMA with 25 kg chocolate capacity offers comprehensive moulding (molding) and auto-dosing capabilities, and comes with a removable vibration table. Watch instructional video herein.


  • Pedal operated electronic depositor with user-selectable dosing time and repetitions (up to 9)
  • Optional one-shot dosing head(s) available. See last photo.
  • Removable vibration table
  • Automatic reversing tempering auger with speed controller
  • Removable tempering auger
  • Bright LED indicators
  • Night cycle and automatic off
  • Optional dosing head
  • Optional extended take-off table
  • Optional B2B Craft Chocolate Bar Molding upgrade
  • Optional enrobing attachment or extended take-off table can be added at anytime.

The continuous tempering cycle in the PROXIMA is controlled by a custom programmable CPU that monitors and adjusts heating and cooling automatically within a narrow range based on the melting and working temperature settings. The working bowl is heated by thermo-electric induction and the tempering pipe is cooled directly by refrigerant gas delivering fast response times, precise controls, and reduced energy consumption.

  • Bowl capacity: 25kg (~55 lbs.)
  • Bowl size: 310 mm D
  • Tempered chocolate output: 3-5 times depending on the work
  • Electrical: 2.2 KW @ 220 V 3 phase (single phase available), dedicated 20A circuit recommended
  • DIMS:508 x 810 x 1530 (h) mm (not including optional enrober belt)
  • Weight: 230kg (~510 lbs.)
Please contact us at TCF Sales to learn more about the PROXIMA 25 automatic continuous tempering and moulding machine with optional enrobing functions. Note: Last 2 photos show optional FBM dosing head and enrobing belt.
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