TOWER DROP Dough Dropping Machine

TOWER DROP Dough Dropping Machine
Tower Drop is a compact, light weight, table top dough dropping machine with wire cutting capability.
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TOWER DROP is a versatile cutting-edge dough dropping machine. It delivers performance in a compact, lightweight table top configuration, and has the ability to work with various dough types -- even ones that require a wire cutter.

Tower Drop is fully automatic with a custom-designed CPU and user friendly touch screen. Its unique dual dropping head combines two important dough dropping functions in one machine; a pump head and a cylinder head. The pump head accommodates thinner dough, like cake sponge and macaroon dough. The cylinder head accommodates thicker dough and meringues. Tower Drop uses standard pastry bag nozzles and a wire cutting system to increase the variety of products that can be made on it.

FBM manufactured their first dough dropping machine in 1999 and has continued to develop improved technology for ease of using and reduced cost.


  • Touch screen CPU
    • 100 programs, including 10 factory presets
    • 25 working parameters for precise control
    • Operator can control the speed and direction of pan movement
    • Operator can control the vertical movement of the table and rollers (drip catcher; loose dough)
    • Operator can control rotation of the nozzles during deposit cycles (optional feature)
  • Wire cutting system included
  • Works with standard sheet pans
  • Uses standard pastry bag nozzles
  • Produces up to 30 drop cycles per minute


  • 855 mm H x 800 mm W x 1000 mm L

Tower Drop allows the operator to control speed and direction of pans (including "back pan" and "whole pan" for sponge cake), vertical movement of the table and roller ("drip catcher" for loose dough), and rotation of the nozzles during deposit cycles (optional features).

For harder or more dense or whipped doughs, ask us about the FBM Sintesi with dough dropping plus wire cutting capabilities; the next evolution of the Tower Drop dough dropping machine.

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