TF20 String Scraper


String scraper for the TF20 tempering machine.


Affix the TF20 string scraper to your TF20 Chocolate Melter to efficiently remove excess chocolate from your tools. Chocolate flows back into your pan, creating less waste and less mess, and prevents dried chocolate from forming on the edges of your melter and fall into your pan, influencing your chocolate temper.

TF20 Chocolate Melter String Scraper:

  • Made of food grade stainless steel
  • 7 7/8" X 8 3/4" X 2.5"h (20 X 22 X 6 cm)
  • Affix to any corner

The TF20 string scraper accessory accommodates both right and left handed operators by allowing you to position the scraper on the corner that is most convenient for you.