Ganache Frame Set, for Standard Guitar Cutters

Ganache Frame Set

Compact Ganache Frame Set for laying up nougat, ganache, and other confections in multiple heights, in a convenient storage system.         


This compact and economically priced Ganache Frame Set contains 8 separate frames in an all-in-one system to create many different frame heights. Individual frames conveniently store inside the outer frame.

Made by Dedy, this confectionery ganache frame set is made to accommodate standard sized guitar cutters. Its multiple frame layers can be stacked or removed to create your desired thickness of your nougat, ganache and similar confectionery foods.

To use: Remove or add individual frames as desired to create the height of your layer. Pour in food and allow layer to set up, then pour in additional layers as desired. Chill as desired. When completely set, remove the frames. Use your Dedy pick up pan to transfer to your guitar cutter for optimal efficiency. 

  • Made to accommodate standard sized guitar cutters
  • 8 frames, 1 base (stainless steel plate), 1 scraper
    • Height of each frame: 3 mm
    • Height of all 8 frames combined: 24 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 445 x 445 mm
  • Inside dimensions: 365 x 365 mm
  • Made of food grade poly-carbonate
  • Imported from Germany
This handy ganache frame set for laying up confectionery food products is a compact alternative to using and storing single ganache frames or caramel ruler bars.