RUMBO Stone on Stone Grinder

RUMBO 1100kg
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The RUMBO stone-on-stone grinder for the craft chocolate maker. 


The Rumbo stone mill grinder was designed for craft chocolate makers committed to traditional stone-on-stone grinding but improves the process by providing more precise control over the parameters of the chocolate-making process. 

Unlike other stone grinder systems where the base or the working bowl rotates, in the Rumbo the millstones turn operated by a direct drive motor without gears or belts, and includes forced hot air as a standard feature. This enables the solid granite base and the solid granite grinding stones to be heated before a batch is started which releases the cocoa butter from the nibs more effectively than from a cold start. Forced air is adjustable, from ambient air up to 75°C and can remain on during the complete grinding process as desired, which leads to shorter processing times.


  • 2 solid granite millstones weighing 45 kg ea.
    • Millstones turn instead of bowl
  • Direct drive, adjustable speed motor - No belts, gears or chains
  • Stainless steel working bowl capacity: 120 kg
    • Recommended Batch capacity: 60 kg 
  • Plexi-glass bowl cover with latch
  • Forced ventilation with adjustable temperature; ambient up to 75°C (167°F)
  • Mounted on wheels 

Whether you are working from-the-bean, purchasing roasted nibs or working from chocolate liquor, the Rumbo stone mill grinder can be operated "low and slow" or 'hot and fast" to create craft chocolate to suit the chocolate maker's intentions. 


  • DIMS: 1661 H x 130 W x 100 L mm  
  • Weight: 560 kg  
  • Clearance of dispensing spout from floor: 1.5'
  • Power: 30A; dedicated circuit recommended
  • Electrical: 3 phase standard / single phase optional
The Rumbo melangeur stone on stone grinder elevates small batch chocolate making to a new level, delivering a final product that tastes good with excellent fluidity and workability. 

Please contact us at TCF Sales to learn more about this chocolate melangeur, or other chocolate making equipment. Call 512-201-4443 or toll free 877-777-6982.   Watch instructional video.

NOTES: Product ships in a crate on a pallet and made to order.  Please allow 2-8 wks. for shipment.
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