FBM Cooling Tunnel, Climatico

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Eliminate humidity and increase your output with a Climatico Cooling Tunnel by FBM.


Compliment your chocolate and confection production with a Climatico Cooling Tunnel. Eliminate traces of humidity and achieve professional results with speed.
The Climatico is the smallest cooling tunnel in the FBM line and is well suited for smaller pastry shops and limited space applications. It features a useful inlet of 300 mm and a starting length of 4 and incorporates a special system called e-clima which allows the electronic control of the temperature and the humidity, and also the automatic thermostat set. The refrigerated section of the tunnel circulates air 'around' your confections instead of only from the top down. This process removes wetness from the air flow and results in an improved product.
  • 300 mm wide inlet
  • Cooling length beginning at 4 meters
  • Unique climate control controlled by a CPU
  • Cold air circulates in a ring around confections, not just from the top down
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Adjustable temperature down to 0°C
  • Easy belt cleaning
All features of the Climatico cooling tunnels are controlled by a CPU with a user friendly keyboard. The temperature inside the tunnel can be adjusted down to 0°C and you can also control the speed of the belt to find the right combination for the best cooling of any chocolate,moulded shape or enrobed product.
Inspection and belt cleaning on the Climatico is now simple and fast, thanks to a new piston operated system that raises the panels.

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