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Cooking - Mixing - Candy Panning

TCF Sales offers candy cooking and mixing equipment and panning machines for candy and confectionery.  Find kettles, stoves, cookers and cooker-mixers to produce caramel, toffee, brittle, nougat, hard candy, etc. and panning machines to coat nuts and other items with sugar. The cooking and cooking and mixing equipment comes in both gas and electric and some models are EL / NSF certified.  Contact us at TCF Sales at 512-201-4443 or toll free 877-777-6982 to discuss your candy cooking and production requirements.

Improve your efficiency with a Portable Agitator for your candy kettle. Save time and labor.

Candy Stove, Electric

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ElectroStove electric confectionery stove for those who cannot or prefer not to cook with gas.

Candy Stove, Gas


Two sizes of gas stoves for candy cooking that deliver safe, dependable and uniform heat to cook sugar based confections like toffee, caramel and fudge.

High quality maximum heat transfer cooking kettles in spun copper. Various sizes.

Heavy gauge spun stainless steel cooking kettle in various sizes is used for cooking, mixing, blending or storage. Various sizes. Nice quality.

Mobile dollies for stainless steel and copper kettles used in the confectionery and candy making industry.

All electric FM14 candy cooker and mixer on a heavy duty mobile stand. Perfect for mixing / cooking fudge, caramel, brittle, toffee, hard candy, creams and more.

Upgraded in 2017, Fire Mixer candy cooker for mixing and cooking. Gas or electric heating.

New and Improved automatic all-electric FM14 cooker mixer for 1-person operation and no-burn processing to produce virtually any confection, including fudge, caramel, brittle, toffee, hard candy, creams, etc.

Improve your efficiency with a LifTIL Truk 'A' mobile kettle and bowl lift.

LifTIL Truk 12VDC Mobile Kettle and Bowl Lift Models B, C and D.

15 to 20 kg capacity sugar panner for sugar coated food products.

7-8 kg capacity sugar panner for sugar coated food products.

Improve your efficiency with a Portable Agitator for your candy kettle. Save time and labor.

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